• "Helps immensely with my fatigue"

    Niagen literally cures me of my seasonal fatigue. I take 500 mgs a day in two divided doses to get the results I'm looking for. This is my fourth bottle I am purchasing*

  • "No more foggy memory"

    Doing wonders for my performance at work. My supervisor took notice and I'm now up for a promotion, simply amazing!*

  • "Coming from a grandparent"

    My whole life I never wanted to feel my age! Now I don't have to. Loving the feeling of independence and balanced energy.*










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The only proven NAD+ Booster on the Market, Niagen, also known as Nicotinamide Riboside, boost Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels within 8 hours* to deliver more energy5, better mental cognition4 and improvements to your metabolism2 by increasing mitochondrial activity in the cell1 to help reverse metabolic damage and activate sirtuin levels. HPN Nutraceuticals is a leader in anti-aging supplementation, Niagen is an NAD+ Booster with 250mg of Nicotinamide Riboside per serving, 60 dietary supplement vegetable caps, 30 servings per bottle.


NAD+ is an important metabolite found in all human cells that has recently shown to restore mitochondria functionality and vitality1. “NAD+ levels tend to drop by as much as 50% as we get older”, according to Dr. David Agus a world leading Physician in Cancer treatment and a pioneer in Biomedical Research. Above all, NAD+ cannot be taken like other vitamins because it does not survive the digestive system long enough to enter your cells, making it extremely difficult to supplement your NAD+ levels.

Sinclair concluded that higher NAD+ levels promote cells to behave younger and more vibrant. Studies show that high levels of NAD+ result in stronger, healthier cells and mitochondrial function1. In fact, one study resulted in Sinclair publishing a ground-breaking paper which found that introducing NAD+ to the cell resulted in the “equivalent of a human 60 year old becoming more like a 20 year old”, claiming “we went straight back to being young again”2. More importantly, their analysis revealed that in its initial stages, mitochondrial dysfunction is reversible with NAD+ supplementation, enabling the life and health of cells to be prolonged at the molecular level.

Now imagine feeling like you’re 30 again and having the energy to go out and meet new people, having the strength to exercise and look great every single day. Imagine if the cells in your brain were restored to regain their cognitive abilities or if the cells in your eyes performed like never before, to even restoring the cells in your skin and muscles to appear and perform like they did in their youth. All these amazing benefits may now be available to you.

According to Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University, Dr. Anthony Sauvé of Cornell University, and thousands of other physicians, including myself believe you can do this by restoring your NAD+ levels. “If we could restore lost NAD+, aging cells might behave as if they were younger. Immortality is out of reach but living more years with a body that’s robust enough to make the most of them is a real possibility3” says Dr. David Agus.

In fact, there’s an extensive amount of research to back up this claim.


NIAGEN® is a proprietary ingredient also known as Nicotinamide Riboside. NIAGEN® is the only proven metabolite shown to boost NAD+ levels and the best part it’s a naturally occurring vitamin B3, so it is completely safe4. Unlike standalone NAD+, NIAGEN® can be ingested orally. It enters your body to be converted into NAD+ surviving your digestive system. NIAGEN® has been proven to elevate NAD+ levels within 8 hours of ingestion providing a surge of energy and noticable mental Clarity5.

The recommended dosage for NIAGEN® is between 125mg and 500mg. Most individuals feel the benefit with a 250mg dosage of NIAGEN®, daily. Every bottle of NIAGEN® contains 60 capsules at 125mg each. We recommend you take (2) capsules every morning. One bottle will last you 30 days.


NIAGEN® is the only proven NAD+ Booster on the market today. It enters your body to be converted into NAD+ surviving your digestive system. In fact, NIAGEN® has been proven to elevate NAD+ levels by upto 50% in a matter of 8 hours5. Niagen converts into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, it activates what is needed to produce energy. One way we produce energy is through the Kreb Cycle.

This cycle is composed of a series of complex chemical reactions that takes place within the mitochondria - the powerhouse inside every single cell in the body. The Krebs cycle produces energy that is absolutely essential to cellular function. So what does NIAGEN® have to do with all of this? Well, the science clearly points to NAD+ as a necessary player in the Krebs cycle. So if you want to promote increased energy levels, healthy cellular function, and all the entailed benefits, you need to increase NAD+ levels.

In the various steps of the Krebs cycle, scientists have observed that NAD+ is in fact required  in three key steps that work towards producing energy. This is because NAD + holds a positive charge which allows it to carry electrons NAD+, eventually leading to energy production.


The Importance of Mitochondria

The Importance of Your Cells

How Your Aging Cells Promote Your Fatigue

Why Human Feel the Effects of Aging


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Belinda Schultz rating

Maybe it is my age...
Perhaps it is my age (59). Or perhaps it is my health (diabetic). I had no idea how much I would benefit from this. I can actually work a full 40 hour week, and then put in 10 hours overtime! I am amazed and I purchased several bottles as gifts for family who needs it as much as I did.

theller rating

Both my husband and I have been taking this for a few months and love it! Our 23 year old son tried it and absolutely loves the way he feels. Seriously don’t go a day without it.

Francine Waugh rating

I’m feeling 20 years younger
I have to say this product has made significant improvements to my energy, mental focus and memory. It took a solid 2 weeks to notice a definite improvement that is steady and all day long. I am remembering things like picking up something for my daughter asked me to get for her after work, I’ve gotten nearly my whole house organized and sorted out, and I’m doing those little every day chores without dreading them like before such as vacuuming and tossing that load of laundry in the was...Here’s the real kicker...I haven’t told my husband what I started taking and for the last few weeks he keeps asking “Who are you???” lol...I’ve also been losing weight with much more ease than before. I am also taking garcinia cambocia, green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones...so I know some of my energy spikes are from the green coffee bean but my overall energy from waking to bedtime is an even steady reliable rate.

Sherri McClanny rating

I went from not being able to sleep to sleeping like a log
I have been taking this for 2 months, I have noticed changes in my BMI, I went from not being able to sleep to sleeping like a log and don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but suddenly my creativity is back. I was working out daily seemingly to no avail prior to using this product. I intend to keep using this to see how good it gets...

Fred Ackerman rating

49 And It Worked For Me
I had read articles about the human anti-aging trials starting this year so I took a chance on this. I’m 49 and I don’t know about feeling 20 again, but I definitely feel like I’m 35 again. I started lifting weights again this past year (former college wrestler an coach) and had consigned myself to being too old to lift like I did in my mid thirties. So I cut back on my workout routines, instead of doing 16 sets per muscle group, I had to cut back to 6-12 sets per muscle group. I figured at this age (going on 50) doing anything was good. Within 1 week of taking the NIAGEN® I somehow had the energy to pump 16 sets. I don’t come home tired from work and only work out on weekend or have tp slam caffeine pills and energy boosters to get a workout in. I feel good everyday. I did my research and from what I gather this product works better for older people, the younger body builders didn’t report much of anything. But from my understanding this product helps protect the brain in contact sports, so I don’t want to turn off everyone young. I have 3 sons that play football and if this product was cheaper I would put them on it.

Kevin H rating

It doesn't make you super human but just a bit better
On the second bottle and have noticed improved energy slightly. I also have had gout and this has helped quite a bit in not having attacks. It appears the anti inflammation claims are real. It doesn't make you super human but just a bit better. After a day of hard skiing the next day is not so difficult, the soreness is nominal and recovery is faster.

Chris Fox rating

I feel better taking this - nothing scientific but it has made ...
I feel better taking this - nothing scientific but it has made me feel sharper mentally. No Benjamin Button effect so far but hoping!

Joan B. rating

WOW !!!
This product has been described by some as the 'fountain of youth' & it turned out to be just that for me. After 3 days, totally got rid of the CFS symptoms. First time in years I wasn't tired all the time. Only downside: after one week of taking it, I wasn't able to sleep much. As I seemed to suffering no ill effects in the daytime, I continued to take it. Then I crashed. However, after discontinuing the product for 2 days, was able to re-start at a lower dosage, & have had no further problems.
I'm hoping to be able to take this for the forseeable future. Makes me fee lat least 20 years younger.

Michael rating

I must say I can indeed feel a noticeable improvement ...
I must say I can indeed feel a noticeable improvement in my clarity of thinking and focus. I just ordered my 2nd bottle.

Randy Massingill rating

Four Stars
Good stuff, does take some time(couple of weeks) to start seeing some benefits.

william t watson rating

Good Supplement
Good Supplement

Niagen Customer rating

Does make an impact
Did pretty much what was expected. The actual impact of the product wasn't "felt" until I missed a few days of taking it. Supplements work differently for different people. I found it useful.

Niagen Customer rating

Four Stars
I will buy again

Allen rating

A Game Changer.
Report after the first week. Incredible spike in smooth energy and focus. There appears to be a marked decrease in aches and pains. At 65 years old, this is a game changer. So far, no jitters. Unfortunately no weight loss yet. I'll give an update in a few weeks.

C. Martinez rating

great customer service
Item delivered on time, was as described, great customer service. I would Definitely buy again and I would recommend to my friends

Casey J rating

I love this stuff
I've been using this for 6 months. This helps me deal with a full time job and 8 hours of night school. Before taking this I was in a daze during the week. Now I have an even amount of energy throughout each day.

Ryan rating

Good price, good stuff.
No adverse side effects for me or my 69 year old father. This stuff stimulates me to dream a lot. That's not why I take it but it is a side effect that I've noticed. We take two pills a day with our first meal. I usually have about 2-3 dreams a night now when before it was rare for me to dream so I know this definitely does something. It comes in a brown glass bottle to keep light from degrading the pills.

Shelleigh Buckingham rating

I was told that I look like a teenager twice this year already
My husband and I have been taking this for a year, now. His grey facial hair has been now turning dark again. He is 56. I noticed a change in my skin right away, since skin cells regenerate quickly. I was told that I look like a teenager twice this year already, and I am 47. This is part of a regimen of healthy eating and exercise, but I have noticed that this product works well, if you stick with it long term. I am a medical professional and am not easily swayed by gimmicks, but I believe this one to be sound. We will continue to take this.

Kasia rating

I can confirm that this NIAGEN does work as well ...
I can confirm that this NIAGEN does work as well as Elysium Basis I used before that , I tried other cheaper ones without success so this is a winner , 2 capsules = 250mg last for 1 month

Cody G. rating

One of the few noticeable supplements
This is one of my all time favorite supplements. I feel a little boost of energy and awareness within 20 minutes of my morning dose upon waking. I take other supplements but this is the one I notice when taking and am aware when I run out. Coupled with PQQ it can't be beat!

Susan rating

Worked for us
Actually has boosted energy for my husband and me. The results make it worth the price.

Thresa Larson rating

Five Stars
my husband takes this says it gives him more energy and no side affects he swears by it

Donald Toman rating

Five Stars
It worked immediately in boosting my energy levels as well as improving short term memory

Len McCall rating

Seems like the real thing, from my experience
All the effects are consistent with what the literature has lead me to expect.

Bella Lou rating

Increased energy.
I was skeptical of the claims but thought I would give this a try. I can't tolerate the recommended dose so take only half. If I d I have increased energy, no mid-day naps and I feel like my concentration has improved. It has not improved my quality of sleep. I'll continue on with this.

Clinical Benefits of NAD+

  • Optimized Mitochondrial Function1
  • Improve Metabolism2
  • Cardiovascular Health3
  • Mental Clarity and Focus4
  • Heightened Energy Level5

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