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If you would like to know how a small group of Doctors and Scientist defied the laws of Aging and then figured a way to make it available to you, me, and the rest of the general public, then this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever read.


There’s a group of Bio-Geneticist based out of Southern California who have taken the initiative to patent and produce what a Harvard Scientist calls “Essential to Life” and may very well be the next step in human evolution. And this is no ordinary Scientist. This is Dr. David Sinclair, Co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical School. Sinclair is considered one of TIMES Magazine “Most Influential People in the World”.

Dr. Sinclair, an expert in human genetics and cellular function, discovered a link to aging and degenerative disease and the secret weapon to reversing it. He and his team took a closer look into our cells and determined that as we age, our cells become less and less efficient due to the lack of a very important and essential metabolite, causing you to feel less energized, less focused, mental fog and mental loss, excess weight gain especially in your mid section and other issues and illnesses related to aging. This is commonly known as mitochondrial dysfunction.

NAD+ is an important metabolite found in all human cells that has recently shown to restore mitochondria functionality and vitality. “NAD+ levels tend to drop by as much as 50% as we get older,” according to Dr. David Agus a world leading

Physician in Cancer treatment and a pioneer in Biomedical Research. Above all, NAD+ cannot be taken like other vitamins because it does not survive the digestive system long enough to enter your cells, making it extremely difficult to supplement your NAD+ levels.

NAD+ levels tend to drop by as much as 50% as we get older. Dr. David Agus


Sinclair concluded that higher NAD+ levels promote cells to behave younger and more vibrant. Studies show that high levels of NAD+ result in stronger, healthier cells and mitochondrial function. In fact, one study resulted in Sinclair publishing a ground-breaking paper which found that introducing NAD+ to the cell resulted in the “equivalent of a human 60 year old becoming more like a 20 year old”, claiming “we went straight back to being young again”. More importantly, their analysis revealed that in its initial stages, mitochondrial dysfunction is reversible with NAD+ supplementation, enabling the life and health of cells to be prolonged at the molecular level.

Now Imagine Feeling Like You’re 30 Again...

having the energy to go out and meet new people, having the strength to exercise and look great every single day. Imagine if the cells in your brain were restored to regain their cognitive abilities or if the cells in your eyes performed like never before, to even restoring the cells in your skin and muscles to appear and perform like they did in their youth. All These amazing benefits are now available to you!



Well according to Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University, Dr. Anthony Sauvé of Cornell University, and thousands of other physicians, including myself belief you can do this by restoring your NAD+ levels. “If we could restore lost NAD+, aging cells might behave as if they were younger. Immortality is out of reach but living more years with a body that’s robust enough to make the most of them is a real possibility” says Dr. David Agus. In fact, there’s an extensive amount of research to back up this claim.


My name is Dr. David Leonardi MD. I am a diplomat for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, a certified Nutrition Specialist by the American College of Nutrition, and a Professional member of the American Diabetes Association. I graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine and received my residency in emergency medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

have been practicing the science of vitality and longevity medicine exclusively for 20 years now and just about every day I get the same question from many of my new patients;

Why Do I Feel So Old?

My experience has taught me that many factors such as lifestyle and diet contribute to feeling older than you are; but not until very recently has science has demonstrated a true biological restraint WITHIN YOUR CELLS.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. They’re in your heart, your brain, your gut, and in your muscles. They exist through out your entire body supplementing your vital organs and keeping you alive. Normal body cells grow, divide to make new cells, and die in an orderly way. During the early years of a person’s life, normal cells divide faster to allow the

Your Mitochondria produce the energy that keeps you alive. Dr. David Leonardi

person to grow. After the person becomes an adult, most cells divide only to replace worn-out or dying cells. In fact, your body replenishes its entire cell structure every 7 years.

Inside your cell is one very important component: Mitochondria. Mitochondria has been determined to play one of the most important roles. Mitochondria are specialized organelles found in your cells, which perform important functions related to converting nutrients such as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy. They are responsible for your cellular respiration and make up about 10% of your body weight. About 70% of the energy you produce goes to keeping your organs running in the background; like your heart and lungs. So in other words, your Mitochondria produce the energy that keeps you alive.

Keeping Your Mitochondria Healthy is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Researchers warn that unhealthy mitochondrial may lead to an array of degenerative illnesses, ranging from diabetes and neurological disorders to heart failure . Mitochondria undergo a complex series of biochemical transformations that generate energy. This energy-intensive process results in a constant exposure to free radicals—and rendering the mitochondria especially vulnerable to oxidative damage. The result is a cellular breakdown: the mitochondria gradually deteriorate, leading to a decrease in vital energy production and a deadly increase in free radical generation.

Over time, this continuous free-radical onslaught destroys the mitochondria through progressive membrane damage and molecular decay. As levels of oxidative damage from mitochondrial dysfunction steadily rise, the body’s antioxidant defenses gradually weaken at the same time, accelerating cellular dysfunction and death. This fatal cycle speeds the general decline in overall body function and contributes to the beginning of degenerative disease.

Your cells are constantly creating copies of itself. New, copied cell, while young and healthy, inherits some of those mutations from its creator. So as a result, no new cell is as good as its predecessor.

Eventually this wave of new, but less efficient cells make up most of your cell structure, producing a lesser amount of energy, causing you to feel…old. Researchers have also reported that inefficient mitochondria increase your chances of reaching obesity, the disease brought and perpetuated by the vicious cycle of excess weight and body fat gain. Because your mitochondria are responsible for metabolizing nutrients like carbs and fat, disruptions can trigger your body into fat storage mode. This is why weight is such an issue amongst older individuals and why weight loss seems almost impossible.

Eventually this wave of new, but less efficient cells make up most of your cell structure, producing a lesser amount of energy, causing you to feel…old.

Recent studies have demonstrated that healthy Mitochondria play a broader role in protecting us against a wide range of adverse health conditions. When our mitochondria function correctly there is a reduced risk for the development and spread of certain illnesses within our cells and within our bodies.

According to Dr. Anthony Sauvé, “Mitochondrial decline is the hallmark of many diseases associated with aging, such as cancer and neuro-degeneration”. In addition, a recent study conducted by the American Geriatrics Society showed that more than “40% of adults 60 years of age and older have a combination of risk factors known as metabolic syndrome, which puts people at increased risk for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even certain cancers. A 2010 study determined nearly 40 percent of men and women born today will be diagnosed with cancer at some time during their lifetime. Considering that cancer is sometimes referred to as Mitochondrial Disease, cellular health has now become the most important factor to consider by many physicians.

Getting Old Is A Harsh Reality.

It brings many health concerns. Some like Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel believe getting old and even living too long is a loss. He published an article in The Atlantic titled “Why I hope to die by 75” saying,

“Doubtless, death is a loss. It deprives us of experiences and milestones, of time spent with our spouse and children. In short, it deprives us of all the things we value. But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us if not disabled then faltering and declining; a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society and the world.”


Well according to Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University, Dr. Anthony Sauvé of Cornell University, and thousands of other physicians, including myself belief you can do this by restoring your NAD+ levels. “If we could restore lost NAD+, aging cells might behave as if they were younger. Immortality is out of reach but living more years with a body that’s robust enough to make the most of them is a real possibility” says Dr. David Agus. In fact, there’s an extensive amount of research to back up this claim.

Let me introduce to you NIAGEN®...

The future of dietary supplementation. NIAGEN® is a proprietary ingredient also known as Nicotinamide Riboside or NR for short. NIAGEN® is the only proven metabolite shown to boost NAD+ levels and the best part it’s a naturally occurring vitamin B3, so it is completely safe. Unlike standalone NAD+, NIAGEN® can be ingested orally. It enters your body to be converted into NAD+ surviving your digestive system.

“The bottom line is that NIAGEN® improves the function of mitochondria.”

Dr. Anthony Sauvé, Cornell University


Science has allowed us to communicate with our cell’s mitochondria, restore its production properties, and therefore create a much more efficient cell structure. When I first got introduced to NIAGEN® I was excited, yet skeptical about what it claimed to do until I gave it a try. In about 5 days, I began to feel something incredible! A surge of energy and strength with a mental focus so unreal I decided to learn a new language, and I did. My memory was incredibly accurate and recalling past events was quick and easy. My experiences are personal and not everyone will see the same results, so for legal purposes I have to tell you that results do vary. If you click here, you will find every research paper and lab study on NIAGEN® proving that what I am telling you is not dubious or preposterous information.

What I Am Sharing With You Is The Next Evolution Of Human Existence.

You can try NIAGEN® for as low as

$1.56 A DAY!

That’s less expensive than the average cup of coffee. Try NIAGEN® risk free with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. There’s absolutely nothing to lose!

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Harvard Technology In A Supplement1

  • Improve Mitochondrial Function2
  • Improve Cognitive Function and Brain Power3
  • Cardiovascular Support4 (better than NIACIN without the flush)
  • Enhance Natural Metabolism5
  • Third Party Testing by NSF and BSCG
  • Manufactured in the USA by a cGMP
    Facilities approved by the FDA

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We have received tons of amazing feedback from many users of Niagen® telling us about the amazing results they achieving. Don’t wait, this can you!


By Steve Ralson on September 21, 2016

  • Size : 1 Bottle
  • Verified Purchase
  • 5 from 6 people

I am 61 years old suffering from from CHF, kidney failure, and just found out I am diabetic, after taking Niagen for four days I Felt like a brand-new guy. On the fourth day I felt like walking, the next day I started jogging I am up to a halfh hour a day working out I've lost 18 pounds, dropped my blood sugar level, my cardiologist says I'm doing good I don't have to see you until January! It works for me

* These results are unique and to this individual. Results may vary due to a number of factors.
I give it two thumbs up with reservations*

By Red Moon on December 4, 2014

  • Size : 1 Bottle
  • Verified Purchase
  • 98 of 102 people found this review helpful

I think that the nicotinamide riboside that is the only active ingredient in this product is an extremely important advance in anti-aging, though I'm skeptical of many of the ad-copy-like or placebo-effect-like comments. I'm reasonably confident that HPN is giving us an unadulterated product. HPN is definitely giving us the best deal in terms of how much you get for what you pay for. (I've done the math.) I think HPN is hyping the effects of nicotinamide riboside a bit too much. People contemplating a purchase should bear in mind that David Sinclair and Leonard Guarente say that you have to take 500 mg to 1000 mg a day to benefit from it (I would give you the link but Amazon doesn't like links). At 500 mg a day you would run through about two bottles a month. I personally think it is worth it.

Here is my experience based on a total of about two months use. I'm a 62-year-old male. All of the effects about to be noted occurred within a month of starting to take the product. I've noticed these effects: 1) startling indications of sudden improvement in my hearing (I have no hearing impairment), 2) a sudden striking moment where I was able to lay aside a home-computer addiction of sorts and get on with work of real importance with a focus that was extraordinary for me (been struggling with this issue for months, and not once had I been able to get past it), and 3) a sudden and substantial improvement in a certain male issue common enough in and hard on geezers like myself.

The seeming unrelated character of the effects tells me that systemic improvements are taking place. Wunderbar!

Effect #2 prompted me to suddenly increase my dose from 375 mg (3 pills) a day to six and more. Onward and upward! At this time a general and quite serious fatigue settled on me that was very vexing. I never did notice my energy level increase, but it has always been high. Today I just got back to 375 mg a day, where I intend to stay. The fatigue is mostly dissipated, and I believe will dissipate completely in the next day or two.

I sure want to know where the fatigue came from. It is not necessarily a bad sign. One result of the increasing NAD+ deficiency that occurs with aging is that some cells -- maybe that of whole subsystems -- switch away from a mitochondrial genesis of energy to a much more harmful and pro-aging means of generating energy. Maybe the fatigue comes from a partial or incomplete switching-back to the earlier way of generating energy. Maybe with more time the fatigue would go away and I could take a higher dose.

Please note that I am a verified purchaser (of four bottles so far). I intend to keep buying this particular product.

Update 3/4/2015: Here is an update after 4 or 5 months of continuous use:
1. something I just noticed a week ago: a number of people on the web have said that their night vision improved dramatically. I didn't notice any such effect at first and stopped thinking about its possibility. For the last month or so I've been wondering at the brilliance of the night sky as seen from my front windows. I get home late from work, around 1 or 2 AM, and I don't turn on the lights so as not to disturb my wife. So at this time I tend to be walking around in a dark house, and I've been almost shocked at how light the night sky is as seen through my windows. I live in a large metropolitan area, and I've been explaining the brilliance as owing to some sudden increase in urban illumination. But it suddenly struck me that my night vision for some reason had greatly improved. After observing my night vision in my house in various situations for a week, I have concluded that my night vision has greatly improved.

2. I also just realized that the bad habit I complain about below that has basically prevented me from getting any writing done for the past couple of years at home has just dwindled and dwindled and dwindled and finally -- poof! -- has disappeared. I attribute it to overall and progressive but imperceptible improvement of brain function. This blows my mind (I'm glad not literally).

3. The male problem I also complain about below has continued to progressively improve to the point that function has been, I would guess, about 85% restored. This also blows my mind. Note: here there is a possibility that my loss of a good deal of belly fat on a low-carb induction diet lately has significantly contributed. Losing belly fat is supposed to improve blood vessel function.

4. I take 4 capsules daily, at (more or less) 6 AM, noon, 6 PM, and midnight. I take them with food about half the time. If I take more than 4 per day, a strange and enervating fatigue sets in.

5. My hearing still seems to be marvelously improved, but I don't pay much attention to it anymore.

* These results are unique and to this individual. Results may vary due to a number of factors.
Supplementation with NR (NAD precursor) may only benefit old and/or unhealthy folks, young people probably have plenty of NAD*

By J. Lardin on April 30, 2015

  • Size : 1 Bottle
  • Verified Purchase
  • 30 of 40 people found this review helpful

I am a 65 year old female who has had cancer twice, and have been in remission from stage 4 metastatic cancer for 11 years, due in part I believe to a regimen of supplements including resveratrol, quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and many others. I also walk 3 miles per day, and have tried to avoid sugar and refined carbs for much of that time.

Throughout the years I have been following anti-aging and anti-cancer research, as a curious layperson. I have explored writings and videos by David Sinclair of Harvard, Leonard Guarente of MIT, and others, leading me to the recent reports on the postulated benefits to humans of NAD+ precursor, Nicotinimide Riboside. Leonard Guarente himself takes it, according to his Elyseum website.

I started taking the recommended dose in early February, 2015, and can report some positive results, although I believe the dosage level is critical and probably varies widely, depending on one’s age and health status.

My experience has been that the prescribed dose of 250 mg. is simply too much. It revved me up, but the rebound effect was very noticeable--exhaustion. A suitable analogy might be constantly gunning and red-lining one’s old, inefficient engine. So I cut back to a half dose every other day. Much better. I still feel energetic--and optimistic--but am not completely exhausted hours later after the initial burst of energy has waned.

It would certainly seem logical that younger, healthy, and/or athletic folks already have sufficient amounts of NAD+, so they probably wouldn't notice much if any improvement from supplementation with Niagen®. However, old folks have NAD+ deficiency as a result of aging, and probably see a much greater benefit from supplementation with Niagen®, which increases NAD+.

I am guessing that most of the folks reporting little or no benefit from Niagen® are either younger & healthy and have plenty of NAD+; or, perhaps are taking far more than they need, producing some sort of negative hormesis-like response; or are not taking complementary doses of resveratrol, or other pterostilbenes, which operate in tandem with NAD+ as a substrate to influence anti-aging sirtuins.

* These results are unique and to this individual. Results may vary due to a number of factors.
Maybe it is my age...*

By Belinda Schultz on February 6, 2015

  • Size : 1 Bottle
  • Verified Purchase
  • 14 of 14 people found this review helpful

Perhaps it is my age (59). Or perhaps it is my health (diabetic). I had no idea how much I would benefit from this. I can actually work a full 40 hour week, and then put in 10 hours overtime! I am amazed, and I purchased several bottles as gifts for family who needs it as much as I did.

* These results are unique and to this individual. Results may vary due to a number of factors.
One of the best purchases I have ever made...*

By Joseph on January 27, 2015

  • Size : 1 Bottle
  • Verified Purchase
  • 17 of 18 people found this review helpful

I'm a 43 year old male. A few years ago my energy levels dropped dramatically. It was so bad I went to the doctor and had a bunch of tests done. Everything came back normal, so I started my search for a fix. I tried a lot of different supplements over the years but nothing worked. I came across N(R) and decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did. This may sound melodramatic but my life literally changed in two days. The first day I felt good but the second day was amazing. I feel like I’m 20 again. I had such a dramatic increase in energy that my body felt like it “had” to move so I started exercising regularly again. As the days passed, I kept waiting for the "other shoe to drop" but day after day N(R) keeps delivering.

* These results are unique and to this individual. Results may vary due to a number of factors.
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